In 2017, Jan and Nathalie took over the farm from their parents Yvonne and Paul Christen during the most difficult wine year of all. It was a very difficult year for the entire industry due to the weather and resulted in the largest crop losses in 40 years. Jan and his wife Nathalie, the fourth generation, now run the family business with a lot of heart and spirit and great commitment. They have four children who are still a little young to help, but they can count on the support of their parents. Five different traditional grape varieties are grown on a 4.8 ha vineyard. Riesling-Silvaner (Müller-Thurgau), Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Regent and Cabernet Dorsa. The vines, some of which have been tended and cared for by Christen Weine for generations, are now at the optimal age to obtain the best quality grapes. For wine producers, viticulture always involves a great deal of manual labor. This is also the case for Christen Weine.

6 Grape varieties
11 Bottles
5 Hectares