Present in Féchy since the beginning of the 17th century, the Bettems family, originally from Féchy (12 generations), is one of the oldest in the village. Since 1927, 5 generations of Bettems have kept the company going, and today it is run by Alain, supported by his children. It became a limited company (Bettems Frères S.A.) in 1952. The plots of land are scattered all over the Féchy appellation, planted in narrow, grassy cultivation. The maintenance and treatment work is mechanized. Planting, pruning, leaf removal and harvesting are all done by hand. Fully equipped, the winery bottles the wine with its own bottling line. Also sensitive to ecology, the Cave de la Crausaz recycles the empty bottles by washing them at the domain.

8 Grape varieties
15 Bottles
22 Hectares




Welcome to Féchy ! Facing south with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the Aples. The Cave de la Crausaz and its vineyard of nearly 23 hectares have been located in this commune for 5 generations. The main building of the cellar dates from the beginning of the 17th century! The cellar also vinifies the wines of the Vieux Coteaux cellar with a total of 14 bottles between the two cellars.

The cellar is fully equipped and can produce 350'000 bottles per year, conditioned by its own bottling line! The Bettems family is also sensitive to ecology, indeed, they wash their own bottles by means of a bottle washing machine, which allows customers to bring back their bottles and earn 40 cents on each piece brought back.

One of the particularities of this winery is that all the work of mining, leaf removal and harvesting is done by hand.


What wines should you taste during your visit to la Cave de la Crausaz ?

Since we are on the Côte, the country of Chasselas, we let ourselves be tempted by a Chasselas Grand Cru from the Cave de la Crausaz. In the meantime, a Grappy (carbonated grape juice is offered to children), a real treat. The Chasselas Grand Cru has a beautiful light gold color, brilliant. The first nose is very fresh, fine, almost lemony with a bit of carbonic, in the mouth this wine is long and creamy with a very nice structure and is elegant.

We continue with the Allégresse, a blend of Pinot Noir, Gamaret and Garanoir. Very pleasant in the mouth and with a nice length. The aromas of red fruits and wood berries will delight your palate. We couldn't leave without testing their latest: the Mousseux! This sparkling wine has a bright yellow color and is studded with fine, generous and fruity bubbles. This Chardonnay-based brut is a magnificent surprise for us! A superb persistence in mouth. Long live the aperitifs on the terrace.