Marcel's grandfather ran a 3 hectare vineyard in Plamont at the foot of the Chavalard, Fully's emblematic mountain. This exceptional site with its terraced vineyards naturally gave its name to the cellar. Vincent, son of Marcel, created in 1988 the Cave du Chavalard with his wife Josiane. Since 2011, their son Gilles and his wife Andrea have taken over the family business. The 15-hectare estate is located on the sunny hillsides of Fully and Martigny, as well as in the commune of Charrat.


22 Grape varieties
31 Bottles
14 Hectares



The accent is immediately put on the magnificent village of Fully at the first roundabout with the Petite Arvine sign. Indeed Fully has made it its battle horse and its spearhead. We love it :-) In short: Welcome to the Valais!

Andrea is waiting for us at the entrance of the winery and Gilles joins us in the reception room. After a presentation of the domain and especially the next terrace which will soon be opened on the top of the cellar in the emblematic hillside of Fully, we start the little visit. During our walk through the reception, the stock and the magnificent barrels, I ask the couple about their history and that of the winery. We marvel at how they met in the canton of Saint-Gall. Gilles went to work for a Swiss-German winemaker (also one of our partners, by the way) after his apprenticeship to gain new experiences and learn Swiss-German. Once there, he soon started playing in the brass band, where he met his wife Andrea between two musical notes. The flute has been replaced by a bottle of Petite Arvine, but the passion for music and therefore the artistic side of both of them remains and will always remain with this very welcoming couple.





What wines to taste during your visit to the Cave du Chavalard in Fully?

Of course, we recommend the Petite Arvine of the Domaine, but we also loved the Gewürtzraminer that we took in our end of the year gift box and to finish with the whites, I would not leave without tasting the Johannisberg and the Mosacato.

For the reds, we were seduced by Symphonie Valais, a blend that offers a true symphony of flavor and emotion. The Federrer Selection is also very interesting, as is its history. Federrer being Andrea's maiden name, this selection is dedicated to the in-laws. Indeed, they have some parcels on Fully, where the grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have been blended to make a treat for the taste buds! We found the story and the wink very nice!


The favorites : Cuvée Federrer and Les Bulles
The emblematic wine : Petite Arvine





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1926 Fully ☜

+4127 746 23 55
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