Here we are facing Lake Geneva and the mountains, a unique land in the heart of an exceptional panorama. At the door, the brothers, Laurent and Nicolas are waiting for me. The journey through the different terroirs of the region is sublime, ending with the Domaine's reserves. The visit is worth the detour. Their passion won me over and so did the history of this wine estate! Take advantage of a beautiful day to go for a walk in the small village of Perroy and get lost in the vineyards between the village and Lake Geneva just below. One of the most beautiful views is from the village hall square. Bring your picnic and enjoy a glass of Swiss wine while getting lost in this panoramic view between lake and mountains.


13 Grape varieties
18 Bottles
9 Hectares




The Cave du Consul was created around 1910 by Ernest Martin. In 1947, his son Robert started the direct sale in bottles. In 1970, Michel took over the business and developed it. Since 2006, the sons Laurent and Nicolas represent the fourth generation of the family estate of about 9 ha.

The estate is made up of owned and rented vines and is located in the Perroy, Mont-sur-Rolle and Féchy appellations. Chasselas is the majority grape variety, 60% of the vineyard, along with many specialties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In the cellar, this diversity is found in the fourteen wines that are vinified. The harvest is done by hand to guarantee a quality work. 


The favorites : Cabernet Franc Réserve and Merlot
The emblematic wine :  Chasselas Le Relais
☺ Laurent et Nicolas Martin
✉ Grand-Rue 39
1166 Perroy ☜

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