Weingut Sitenrain

Welcome to Bioweingut Sitenrain in Meggen!


 A little story...

Bioweingut Sitenrain was founded in 2005 by the family Erika and Ueli Breitschmid-Heiniger and the first vintage was bottled in 2008. Today the daughter, Nora Breitschmid, works as a winemaker and follows the Bio Suisse specifications. The vineyard, located in Meggen near Lucerne, consists of 3.7 hectares of vines, all of which are resistant to fungal diseases.


During our visit, we were welcomed by the dad and founder of Sitenrain, on a sunny day on their small terrace perched on the Sitenrain hill overlooking the Lake of the Four Cantons. We simply joined the people who were already there and we had the chance to spend an incredible time with the people present, including Ueli who is also a great businessman very respected in the whole region.

The domain is 100% organic and the values of the domain are shared by all the team. Nature is close and is in everyone's heart. We found it hard to leave this jovial and good-natured atmosphere and we are looking forward to our next visit.


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