Olivier Roten has been involved in wine since he was very young. His grandfather founded the Caves du Paradis in Sierre some 60 years ago, which his father took over in the 1980s. Today, it is his turn to bring a new wind to the team. His philosophy? To produce a quality grape, allowing to transform it into an exceptional beverage, combining technique, tradition and sustainable development. He produces traditional Valais wines as well as unique wines, such as Larix, a wine made from larch wood, or Sacrilège, an orange wine made from Pinot Gris.


18 Grape varieties
25 Bottles
9.5 Hectares



During our first visit, Olivier took us to his capite in the middle of the vineyards in the territory of Sierre. The setting is beautiful and so is the winemaker :-) Indeed, we have known Olivier for a few years now and at each visit, we spend an incredible moment with a passionate winemaker who is always looking for new ways to distinguish his wines or develop new products, each one as subtle as the other.

Our favorite is first of all the Larix and its Syrah. The visit to the Domain is worth it, say you come from us and the walk in the cellars or in the outside domain is worth it!


The favorites : Cornalin, Humagne Rouge et l'Heida
The emblematic wine : Johannisberg


☺ Olivier Roten
✉ Route de la Gemmi 135
3960 Sierre ☜

☼ Heures d'ouverture : lundi à vendredi 8h-11h30 - 13h30-17h30