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 A little story...

The family estate was created in the late sixties by André Barraud who handed it over to his grandson Hervé in 2011. With a surface area of 7.5 hectares, the plots of land, facing south and facing Lake Geneva and the Alps, are cultivated according to the strict ecological guidelines of integrated production (IP) of Vitiswiss. The Barraud estate is located in the heart of the Vaud coast, between Lausanne and Geneva. All the grapes are vinified at the estate in the appellation d'origine contrôlée Tartegnin, a small village of the same name, on the hill overlooking Rolle. Hervé Barraud also looks after the vines of the Domaine Les Maréchales in Tartegnin, owned by the Piguet family. We had a lot of fun visiting the Barraud family, Hervé and his wife Isabelle, a great time of sharing and laughter.





Arriving in the small village of Tartegnin perched on La Côte, we find ourselves in a village frozen in time. The village is surrounded by vineyards and higher up the forest, the old buildings remind us of the past and present of this small Vaudois village. Near Rolle, the freeway and in the middle of La Côte, the location is ideal and the view is perfect. Hervé and Isabelle are waiting for us on the porch. After a short interview about the history of the domain and the family, we happily start tasting the succulent nectars of the Barraud family.


What wines should you taste during your visit to Barraud in Tartegnin?

A tasting on the Côte d'Azur often starts with a Chasselas, here at Barraud, the spearhead of the domain. We are big fans of Chasselas, so we didn't mind at all. During our first visit, we chose the Chardonnay, our favorite, with its very elegant bottle, and the Baron Rouge, which we also took in our MesVignerons boxes. On our second visit, the Chardonnay was sold out...sniff for us, but great for them! We will continue our tasting with the Pinot Noir awarded at the Grand Prix des Vins Suisses OR and the 5th Pinot de Suisse, bravo


 Hervé's favorite is his Merlot. Nice story, as it was planted as soon as he took over the Domaine, as he had family in the Bordeaux region, he had always promised himself that it would be the first grape variety he would plant on his land. The last discovery is the Marcelan, sang d'encre. Marielle had never tasted it before, so it was a great first for MesVignerons too! A killer !

Isabelle had a crush on the Galotta, a grape variety that had already existed for several years in the vineyards but vinified and bottled as a single variety last year by Hervé for his wife :-) so sweet.


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The emblematic wines of the Cave Barraud are Merlot, Galotta, Marcelan and Pinot Noir. Without forgetting their spearhead, the Chasselas. We had the chance to taste the 2020. Mmmhh a treat in bottle.

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Hervé Barraud
Rue des Courtis 12
1180 Tartegnin

Heures d'ouverture : tous les jours de 17h à 19h
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