Since 2002, Sandra and Lukas, the second generation, have been successfully running the estate. In 1975, Lukas' father was a mechanic and had a few vineyards as a hobby. His hobby became bigger and bigger. Until his son, Lukas, decided to train and became a winemaker in 1983. After more than forty years, the area has grown from 1 to 13 hectares. His three children take part in the family business. The eldest son already works with his father as a winemaker. The second son is finishing his studies at Changins in the canton of Vaud and the daughter is a graduate of the Lucerne School of Wine. Tom is well surrounded, not to mention the help of his wife, which is obviously priceless :-)

12 Grape varieties
25 Bottles
13 Hectares





The family business is located in the largest independent wine village in the canton of Aargau. Tegerfelden is part of the Lower Aare Valley wine region and is geographically located between the Aare and the Rhine in the Zurzibiet. Ten grape varieties are cultivated on approximately 12 hectares of vineyards spread over five communities, carefully adapted to the different soils. As independent winegrowers, each wine is produced exclusively from the estate's own vineyards.

The vineyards of the domain are located on 5 different communes, the furthest from the winery being 15km away. Lukas explains that it's less risky when storms, hail, and frosts hit, because regional differences can save some plots while ravaging others. This also brings him several terroirs which will of course have a direct effect on the grape varieties planted and therefore his wine.

In the Baumgartner family, each member of the family has his name represented on one of the bottles of the domain, with of course a little anecdote that goes with it. Like for example, the Pinodivo's label that was made by his son's tattoo artist when he was on a trip to New Zealand. Exotic (-;


Which wines should you taste when you visit Baumgartner Weinbau?

The flagship wines of the estate are Raminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling-Silvaner in the whites. For the reds, Lukas tells me with great honor about his Pinodivo, created by his eldest son, a real success. It is a blend of Diolinoir and Pinot Noir. He also grows Merlot and Malbec, which are not very common grape varieties in the region. For Pinot Noir fans, he offers several variants of Pinot Noir, barrels, ... a real treat! You should not leave without tasting his daughter's Rosé Halb-stark with a small percentage of alcohol. I could already see myself in the middle of summer on a terrace sipping a little Halb-stark :-)




Our favorites: the Halb-Stark Rosé and the Pinodivo





The emblematic wines of the Winery are the Raminer and the Pinodivo.



In the canton of Aargau, the vineyard area is, with its 390 hectares, quite considerable.

The mild climate is influenced by the many rivers that cross the canton. The Jurassic soils rich in limestone, which are found everywhere with varying compositions, are one of the particularities of the region. They generally give a nice minerality to the wines. As a result, Pinot Noir is the predominant grape variety, similar to Burgundy. For white wines, Aargau producers mainly grow Müller-Thurgau.

The rich palette of Aargau wines is marked by contrasts: depending on the region, local conditions such as tectonics, topography, exposure and climate give rise to wines of great diversity, ranging from elegant or fruity freshness to structured wines of high expression.

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