Daniel and Rachel Buchmann, the second generation of the estate in Wittnau, Aargau, rely on sustainable and natural viticulture, new grape varieties and character. With innovations and specialties, they successfully stand out from the crowd and offer you an unforgettable experience of pleasure. Careful vineyard management, regular yields and uncompromising selection during the manual harvest are the basis for excellent grapes. The combination of ancient knowledge and modern technology, combined with a lot of passion and experience, allow the estate to produce wines that bring out the character of the grape. 

14 Grape varieties
18 Bottles
6 Hectares
☺Daniel & Rahel Buchmann
✉ Im Wygarte 414
5964 Wittnau ☜

☼ Heures d'ouverture : lundi à vendredi 17h-19h / samedi 10h-12h