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Cantonal Box - 2 months

Receive your boxes of 3 or 6 bottles from two different cantons at home.

Each month a canton

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149.00 CHF

The Cantonal Box, in the form of a subscription, is composed of white, red and rosé specialties according to the season and the canton. This Box is ideal if you wish to discover several cantons from the 26 corners of Switzerland.

Each wine and each winemaker have been selected by our winemaker/oenologist, Valentin, to concoct for you the most exceptional Box possible by canton. Let's go and discover !

The Cantonal Box will also allow you to sharpen your palate and increase your tasting panel while traveling through Switzerland.

Ready to travel? Looking for diversity? Ready to discover different grape varieties and shades?

Let's go for an adventure to discover Switzerland! It's YOUR Box!

The cantons chosen in the subscriptions are the same as the single cantonal boxes currently on sale.

For the 6-bottle box, you will discover 3 winemakers per canton/month and thus 2 bottles per winemaker.

Price40 CHF +