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A Neuchâtel speciality

For the connoisseur as well as the amateur, the Neuchâtel Non Filtered is characterized first and foremost by its crazy freshness and silky roundness, as an ambassador of spring.

This typical Neuchâtel wine is made from Chasselas. Its fermentation is completely finished when it is bottled at the beginning of January without final filtration. The Neuchâtel Non Filtered being the first wine of the year, it represents, for the impatient connoisseur, the reflection of the vintage that has just been harvested.

Its freshness with a floral nose and exotic aromas ranging from citrus fruits and sometimes even pineapple, disconcerts the taste buds whose reference to Chasselas is on other notes. The fine lees, present in the wine, give it a wonderful sensation of freshness.

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Taste profilesLight and subtle white
Grape varietiesChasselas
Price40 CHF +