Box Rouge

Red Box

Receive your box of 2 or 3 bottles at home every month.

MesVignerons is getting a new look and a new concept to satisfy its customers. Change is good :-) !

From March 2021, the Red Box will automatically switch to a Cantonal Box (1 month = 1 Swiss canton).

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For the price of

69.00 CHF

The Red Box  will offer you different typical or atypical grape varieties that you can taste as a preamble, as an accompaniment or at the end of a meal. We will make you taste several grape varieties that can go from traditional wines such as Pinot Noir or Gamay, but sometimes a small surprise in barrel or a blend could show the tip of its nose in your monthly box.

As 60% of red wine is produced in Switzerland, compared to 40% of white wine, it was obvious for MesVignerons to offer you this magnificent red box to discover the different regions of the country.

Price40 CHF +