The Boxes

MesVignerons offers you 4 different choices to satisfy your needs and taste desires.

The Red Box will offer you different typical or atypical grape varieties that you can taste as a preamble, as an accompaniment or at the end of a meal. We will make you taste several grape varieties that can go from traditional wines such as Pinot Noir or Gamay, but sometimes a small surprise in barrel or a blend could show the tip of its nose in your monthly box.

The Mix Box composed of white, red and rosé specialities depending on the month. This box is ideal for those who want to discover other varieties and wines more aromatic, sweet, powerful, extravagant or out of the ordinary. It will also sharpen your palate and increase your tasting panel. Let yourself be surprised by the fantasy of the Swiss winegrowers who vinify their precious nectars with emotion.

The Bio Box will make you discover wines from our bio and biodynamic producers. The bio production method follows strict guidelines which don’t authorize any chemical input – whether it be to the vineyard or to the wine. Biodynamics is different by its knowledge and respect of the forces of the living. It isn’t a back to nature agriculture, but it considers natural phenomenon as a deeper reality, made of living nature relations, both psychic and spiritual, proposes to extend scientific knowledge to the field of living forces.



How do we select the wines which you will find in the different boxes ?

A taste selection, as well as a geographic selection done by professionals is done for every bottle which is chosen by us. Swiss wine is 6 regions, 6 identities and about 240 grapes.

6 regions :

  • Valais 33%

  • Vaud 25%

  • Swiss Germany 19%

  • Geneva 10%

  • Tessin 7%

  • Three Lakes 5%


The biggest grapes (approx. 75% of cultures) :

  • Pinot noir is the most planted grape (4’430 ha)

  • Chasselas is right behind (4’073 ha)

  • Gamay is in third place (1’550 ha)

  • Merlot is the fourth most planted grape (1’000 ha)

  • Müller-Thurgau is the second most planted white grape (487 ha)