Who are we ?

We introduce ourselves, Marielle & Valentin, from the canton of Vaud, Swiss wine lovers, especially Chasselas from our region. We have decided to support our colleagues, because our families also have a foot in the vineyard we are therefore aware of the difficulties encountered in our globalized world. The protection and development of local products being sometimes delicate, we have decided to give a hand to all our colleagues in this industry by promoting products from each small and medium producer as well as by highlighting our heritage, our country, our wine.

Valentin et Marielle

A little more about us, we are passionate about wine, wine from Vaud as well as Swiss, epicureans and do not shy away from the task.

Co-founder & Headmistress  Co-founder & Director

Marielle, business economist, obtain her Bachelor's degree from Yverdon and Vienna, as well as a Master of Science in Business & Administration with an option in Tourism in Lucerne. After working in the watch and jewellery industry in Lucerne and Biel for 6 years, Marielle is not only an entrepreneur but above all proud of her country, her values, her traditions and does not hesitate to promote traditional products.

With his CFC of Caviste and Vigneron, Valentin is divided between the cellar and the vineyard. He is passionate about oenology and viticulture, as well as the cultural riches and traditions of the winemaking world. His enormous respect for nature and people is put forward through his profession of earth and his true, earthly and above all transparent character. His oenological talents, as well as his determination of well executed work certifies the choice of quality wines that are offered.