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ZURICH Box - 1 month

Receive your ZURICH Box of 3 or 6 bottles at home.

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75.00 CHF

The unique Cantonal Box is composed of white, red and rosé specialties from the chosen canton.

We offer you a journey through the canton of your choice to taste its nectars, but also to get to know this canton through the winemakers and their treasures in the bottle. Immerse yourself in this region with a glass of wine in one hand and your Bulletin Viticole in the other. Enjoy your trip!

Each wine and each winemaker have been selected by our winemaker/oenologist, Valentin, to concoct for you the most exceptional Box possible by canton. Let's go and discover !

This Box is ideal if you want to discover other grape varieties and wines that are more aromatic, sweet, powerful, extravagant or even out of the ordinary. The Cantonal Box of your choice will also allow you to sharpen your palate and increase your tasting range.

Let yourself be surprised by the fantasy of Swiss winegrowers who vinify their precious vintages with emotion.

For the 6-bottle set, you will discover 3 winemakers and thus 2 bottles per winemaker.

Price40 CHF +