Merlot - Miros

Merlot - Miros

Box of 3 bottles - 75 cl.

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Mon Vigneron

In 1940, Casimiro Bianda, Mattia's grandfather known as Miro, started the family farm with an activity ranging from dairy cattle breeding to fodder crops, and then expanded to a tobacco plantation. In 1970, Casimiro Bianda fell ill and the farm was abandoned. His son Giuseppe decided to immerse himself in the world of wine-growing, a completely new world for him. He thus planted 10,000 Merlot strains in an area along the river called Saleggi. In 1998, Mattia Bianda, Giuseppe's son, after an apprenticeship as a winegrower in Châteauneuf-Sion and a diploma in oenology from the Changins Institute, took over the business, which has now reached the third generation and opened a new and important chapter. In 2003 the vineyard, whose vines are all located in prestigious locations in the Locarno region, is expanded with the addition of 2'500 Syrah and Merlot vines.

Mon Vin

The Merlot Miros Ticino Doc is a wine of tradition. It is grown on alluvial soil and flourishes along the Maggia River.

Taste profilesStrong and robust red
Grape varietiesMerlot
Price15-20 CHF
Winemaking methodIntegrated production