Syrah - Ozenit

Pinot Noir - Ozenit

1 bottle - 75cl

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Mon Vigneron

6 hectares of vines located between Randogne and Chamoson, passing through Chalais, where the Pinot Noir takes advantage of the left bank of the Rhône, which is less sun-drenched. It thus matures more slowly, which contributes to the elaboration of a noble wine, both racy and refined. Beautiful plots of land, which enjoy very good exposure, are worked in Saint-Léonard, Savièse and Vétroz. Historically, the estate was mainly covered with Pinot and this is still the emblem of the winery, but the red Humagne, Fendant, Heida, Syrah and Cornalin have taken up residence in climates and on land that suit them best. Organic since 2016 and regularly renewed, the vines have an average age of 21 years, and are cherished by Béatrice Dubuis.

Mon Vin

This Pinot Noir charms with its notes of small red fruits such as blackcurrant and blackberry. The palate is both elegant and fresh, punctuated by notes of star anise and clove. A Pinot Noir that can already be tasted for the impatient and kept jealously in the cellar for the passionate.

Taste profilesSoft and fresh red
Grape varietiesPinot Noir
Price15-20 CHF
Winemaking methodBio